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Labyrinth der Sprachen-Kunstradio and Forum Stadtpark Graz


Labyrinth der Sprachen (Laberinto de lenguajes V) (2017)

by Concha Jerez and José Iges

Speakers: Evelyn Schalk, Max Höfler and Reni Hofmüller.
Performer: Concha Jerez
Conductor: José Iges

29-10-2017 on site at Forum Stadtpark Graz in coproduction with esc medien kunst labor and Kunstradio-Radiokunst (ORF)

As in previous versions of this work, we use the language of the country, in this case German. The three speakers in that language have been live interpreters of the work, according to a script-score made by the authors.

For this version we progressively add to the recordings of the voices of the authors in Spanish and English -with which the work begins with the first speaker in German-, recordings of radio works done in Matera (Labirinto di Linguaggi, RAI, 1990) and Paris (Labyrinthe de Langagues, ACR, Radio France, 1991). This overlapping of space-time strata create more effectively and dramatically a true “labyrinth of languages”, in addition to a certain spatial labyrinth. This last one was obtained by the content of the mentioned recordings and by its spatialization in the Forum Stadtpark, next to the one of the three speakers in German.

During the 21 minutes of the work, there is a performance in which Concha Jerez will distribute on the different spaces small mirrors of methacrylate containing fragments of the text read by the speakers in German.

With Labyrinth der Sprachen we want to make a tribute to the radio producers of the Italian and French versions, Pinotto Fava and René Farabet, as well as to Heidi Grundmann, creator of Kunstradio-Radiokunst.

Labyrinth Graz-plan

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