Radio No Man’s Land

Radio No Man’s Land en Acción! MAD 2010

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (Madrid)
Auditorio 200
19 h.
Acción! MAD 2010

Iges-Jerez: Radio No Man’s Land + Obras breves en homenaje a José Iges (A. Curran, A. Nuñez, C. Kubisch, Waligorska / Sirén, Ll. Barber, M. Molina, F. Miranda, Valcárcel Medina, M. Arce, Jerez, Alien Prod. Lugan, F. Millán, N.W. Peters, R. Chmielorz / P. López)

Radio No Man’s Land en Ars Sonora


20 years of Ars Acustica – Listening to the future!

International EBU Ars Acustica Meeting in Vienna

Radioperformance by/de José Iges & Concha Jerez (ORF Funkhaus, 27/5/09)

Radio No Man’s Land in Vienna


One of two authors-performers play rolling a virtual dice over the board of a Parcheesi game, projected on the screen, and moving the counter on the board is activating different behaviours. In some squares there are soundfiles of well-known Radio Art works, in some other the performer receives audio instructions to play, other squares have links with webpages of freeradios or with radio stations belonging to Ars Acustica group, in other squares some colleagues give their personal definition of Ars Acustica. And among other surprises the performer could find concrete sound effects like crashing glasses, cheap imitations of animals, laughter, whisperings, non-sense speaking…

We are revisiting documents of Sound Art and Radio Art which belongs to everyone. They are monuments, but in a sense they have become ready-made: objects of functional use industrially reproduced by different media, including Radio. And of course we do an Ars Acustica tribute to its 20th Anniversary.

Apart from those documents, the second performer is almost permanently mixing some other excerpts of radio art works provided by different people belonging to Ars Acustica and choosen specially as examples of “radio-on-radio” works, in which the message of the artist or composer himself is the message of the media.